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Our Experience With Luxury Millennial Buyers On Long Island

Written by on Monday, 09 January 2017 8:18 am

We are working with more and more luxury Millennial buyers lately, and have noticed that they all seem to be asking for the same things.


They want easy living. They don't want to work on projects, and want move-in ready luxury homes. If it's done and ready to move-in, they are willing to pay more. Home renovations take too much time for these Millennials and it seems to be too much of a commitment for them.


Growing up with technology, wealthy Millennial buyers expect their homes to have features they can control from their smart phones. They want the ability to control security features, temperature adjustments and lighting with their devices.  They like wood floors, open floor plans, and  high ceilings. Less is better, and carpet and rugs are a thing of the past. Clean lines and no clutter. Think high-end hotel look.


They are looking for large light and bright kitchens with plenty of gathering space around a huge quartz center island countertop. We are finding they dine out more than previous generations, so the need for a large dining space isn't necessary. Affluent Millennials want comfort and are not interested in enclosed spaces. So, the luxury of openness is what they are focused on.


Wealthy Millennial's are motivated once they make the decision to purchase. Texting is their mode of communication and rarely do they pick up the phone to actually talk. We also see them snapping selfies of themselves as we show them the newer surroundings.


We have also found that this group of buyers are not focused on looking for their "forever" home, and plan to live in them for shorter periods of time. Don't neglect this group of buyers. They are out and about and are ready for the move!


If you are Millennial looking for a Long Island Luxury experience, call Lawrence "Larry" and Sheila Agranoff at our cell 631-805-4400. We will will help you in your search for the residential residence you are looking for.


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Our Experience With Luxury Millennial Buyers On Long Island


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